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U/T has this in the last OMSAS Booklet:

If there is any reason why you believe your transcript does not reflect your true ability (i.e., there are extenuating circumstances), please briefly outline this in the Essay Academic Explanations.


Queen's does not.



Darn, so Unless a school specifies it (U of T), the other ON schools don't accept/look for it?

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2. Have you ever failed a year at university or been required to withdraw from or been denied re-admission to a university? Yes  No 

3. Has your undergraduate program been interrupted for reasons other than academic failure? Yes  No 




Hi, thank you. I had a follow up question: 

For question #2, "have you ever failed a year at university." How is this defined?

Due to a # of issues (that I won't go into right at this moment), my first year was awful. I did fail courses. 

But in Canada, how does one "fail a year at university?" - because you can get a really really crappy first year GPA, and be put on probation. But that first year of very crappy marks does not mean you are kicked out per se - you are simply put on probation. 


So I don't really get the question. Does my having failed courses in 1st year mean I fall under this category?


As for question #3, "has your undergraduate program been interrupted for reasons other than academic failure?"

Meaning you've stopped classes (temporarily) for other reasons (say health or family or w/e?). 

What if you stayed in school, but reduced your course load (say one semester you did 2 courses instead of 5). Would that count? 

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