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Firmly Accepted the OT offer from UofT.


UWO waitlist should move up as a result.


Best of luck to everyone!



Welcome event was good. I'd be lying if I said it didn't influence me at least a bit. It was basically an introduction to the program (studies, placements, etc...), a few testimonials from students, Q&A, and a tour of the Rehabilitation Sciences building (where most of our schooling will take place).


You're way sexier in person than I ever imagined. <3


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Congratulations to everyone accepted!! To those who haven't gotten in yet - if PT or OT is really what you want, I encourage you to keep pursuing your dream! Last year I wasn't accepted anywhere and i

I was accepted to Mac OT with a GPA of 3.61   I was offered an interview spot off the wait list, and I guess the interview must have gone well! I thought it would be encouraging to share this to sho

Good luck to everyone on the waitlist this week!!! 

QUESTION FOR EVERYONE WHO IS UPGRADING after finishing their undergrad...

1. What courses/types of courses are you taking to improve your gpa? (anatomy, psych..or unrelated like environment, math?)

2. And I'm guessing they would be courses that arn't that hard?

3. are they all 3rd or 4th year courses? or can you take 1st or 2nd year courses to upgrade?


thanks in advance

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Applied: UBC, UofA, UofT (all OT)

Accepted: UofA, UofT


Rejected: UBC

cumGPA: 3.90

subGPA: 3.95

Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I feel that my personal statements and essays were strong. I have 4+ years of research experience and have worked in a retirement home for 3+ years and volunteered for a physiotherapy clinic for 1 year. I had great references from my professors and supervisors from my research positions. I did get an interview at UBC, but I don't think it went very well... I was extremely nervous and felt like I didn't answer their questions fully which probably hurt my chances a lot. I have decided to accept UofT so a spot will open up for UofA! Excited to start in September and looking forward to meeting all of you going to Toronto!





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