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Help. Chem 1000 And 1001!


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I seriously need help for chem 1000/1001. I'm taking both in the summer and my test for both of them are wednesday and thursday.


I did absolutely terrible on the first set of quizzes/tests, which I can drop (they take the best 2 out of 3 quizzes).


I studied so hard, understood the material, did the past quizzes they provided and still couldn't manage a reasonable mark.


Please, some advice, anything that will help me achieve an overall A in the course would be greatly appreciated!



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Could be so many different reasons why you didn't do well. Were the quizzes you did poorly on different from the practice quizzes you took? Are you not doing the more challenging practice questions? Doing the same question typed you already know how to do over and over again will not help. Have you seen a TA and gone over your quizzes? Was there a specific emphasis on the quizzes that you were not prepared for? Perhaps your weaknesses? 


I would say you should do a few things. First, go see your quizzes and make special note of any emphasis or style of questions. Its not all about learning the material, you also have to learn how to take the testing style of your prof. Next, focus on the things you got wrong, but don't skip the things you got right. Figure out why you got them wrong. If you know the material like you say, this should be easy. You may be making simple errors. Finally, do all the practice questions, but focus on your weaknesses. Glance over the tips in your text. Answer the intext questions as well as the post chapter practice questions, if applicable of course. Watch khan academy or some other youtube tutorial if there is something you don't understand.


you will need many of these skills for the MCAT


Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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Assuming you are a york student...


The marking in the chem department is just brutal, so like mentioned above, go see your tests (I consistently got 10-20% more after remarking)


For your next tests; you should know the slides inside out, do all the quizzes you have and do the hard textbook questions. ALSO YouTube saved my life!!!!


Do not panic -every prof has one really hard test (which most of the class ends up dropping), one medium and easy test, to keep the class average within 60-65.



Hope that helps, feel free to message me or something... 

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