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Very cliche answer, but talk about why medicine, and how you know you will b ea good doctor. So what skills did you gain from what experiences, and how will those skills help you become a good physician? This way you get to talk about your experiences, activities, your skills/personality/qualities. Also talk about why McGill (what can you contribute to McGill, and how is McGill better for you compared to other schools). Feel free to inbox me!

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Can I handle the rigorous and intense academic program that is required in order to become a physician?

Do I have a passion for the profession of medicine, and am I ready and willing to dedicate and commit myself to be of service to others?

Do my life and work experiences demonstrate that I have prepared myself in the best ways available to me for a career in medicine?

Drop the pebbles that brought you toward med, showing that you have those characteristics sought of physicians, as per CanMEDS competencies/. 

Discuss those life experiences that demonstrate your abilities necessary for doctors. Discuss any activity where you may excel, a particular sport or musical skill for example and explain what was involved, comparing the attributes and skills you acquired to those needed for doctors, e.g., lets say you have developed great expertise, perhaps public performances, competitions and/or medals, travelling across the province, Canada or beyond. This takes perseverance, practice and discipline to achieve what otherwise would be impossible, overcoming fear and other obstacles. These such experiences would have had a ripple effect on other aspects of your life and his confidence, communication skills, etc.

A story or two about volunteering and how you developed as a result. What have you learned, what is your internal growth. Show how you have become respectful of others, etc.

The Narrative should cover the information they are looking for by leading the reader to conclude you are an excellent candidate. 


As there will be many drafts, why not begin the process despite the fact that it is an ongoing process and changes may be required for many reasons.

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The following qualities can help orient you when writing your personal statement. After writing a draft, you can ask yourself e.g. "Does [Quality X] show up in my personal statement?"


AED non-academic criteria: http://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/selection-process/non-academic-criteria

CanMEDs: http://www.royalcollege.ca/portal/page/portal/rc/canmeds/framework



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