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So my MCAT date is fast approaching (Aug 5) and while I have seen a lot of CARS & bio/bchm improvement, I can't seem to get the chem/phys section any higher than a 125 on practice full lengths. 


Does anyone have any tips on how to better approach this section? I seem to be really lacking in my ability to reason through these types of questions. 

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Well I mean, the only good practice test that was any way comparable and helpful was the AAMC one, from the experience of all previous test takers. So take that one, if you havent already, and just analyze what they did for answers there. Khan is a pretty good resource as well for chem/phys, but AAMC content is king. Most stuff has been conceptual, as well as biochem heavy in that section apparently, but yeah, guess I'll see when I write. Good luck!

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If it's a 125 on TPR then you're gold.

Otherwise, just know your bchem and you'll be fine on both chem/phys and bio sections (real MCAT).

The new exam mainly tests your mental stamina and ability to make sense of presented information.

Read some scientific articles for practice and you should be better off.

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