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Your Best Driving Music

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My husband and I are doing the drive from here to Hamilton (17 hours + breaks) twice in a week - once with the Uhaul and pets then with the kids.


He's left me in charge of playlist creation for the trip. So, give me your best suggestions for driving music. Songs, albums, or just artist names.

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When does McMaster start classes? We started last Thursday--I thought you might be similar.


Things we listened to on the 33 hour drive from Toronto to Calgary:

- Com Truise: Galactic Melt

- Com Truise - In Decay

- Jaga Jazzist: One-Armed Bandit

- Tycho: Past is Prologue

- Patti Smith: Radio Ethiopia

- Loscil: Sketches from New Brighton

- Lazerhawk: Skull & Shark

- Lazerhawk: Redline

- Hecq: Golden Pines

- Florence & The Machine: Select tracks from Ceremonials

- Crime in Choir: Gift Givers


If you're into heavier

- Animals as Leader: Weightless

- Gru: Cosmogenesis

- Periphery: Periphery (Instrumental)


Safe drive, Birdy!

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