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Hey everyone,


If we send in transcripts to Dalhousie do they just automatically match it up to our names in the application(as in all I do is just request to send it from my university)? Also, can we do this before we submit the preliminary portion of the application? I am wondering if I'm missing some sort of transcript request form or something related on the prelim app. The only information I can find on their site regarding transcripts is the address we need to send it to.




Edit: I  emailed admissions about this but they just re-directed me to the website. I am wondering if any one who has gone through this process knows the answer.

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As far as I know, yes they match the transcript to your name themselves as long as you send it to the correct address. It's like that for most medical schools in my experience. It would be better if you call them though if you're very uncertain, I've usually found that you get clearer answers if you ask someone over the phone.

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