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What does everyone think of the upcoming new UT Foundations Curriculum meant to replace the first two years of medical school, traditionally known as preclerkship?


To quote the UT website: "The new program will be launched for students entering the U of T MD program in August 2016. It will feature a highly integrated program with clinical content from the beginning of medical school, early exposure to patients and the community setting, extensive use of online materials to support learning, and an assessment program designed to support learning."


Has anyone here been through the pilot program at UT?


Here is a link for more information: http://foundations.md.utoronto.ca/

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"More free time is available for students to pursue individualized activities, including spending time observing physicians at work, doing community-based service projects or participating in research"


I think this is a great move. I've always feared that UofT goes overboard on the 'memorize everything' approach. Allowing students to self-explore is, in my opinion, a more profound and organic method of education. The 2T0s should be happy :)

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