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Hey everyone,

I've posted here before about whether I should apply this year or to retake my MCAT.

I've decided to take the new MCAT, but considering the timing I was only able to schedule a late date (September 12th).

Now I know that for american medical schools that we should apply earlier for a better chance, but I was wondering if you guys think I should give it a try anyways.

aamc gpa: 3.97
Mcat: assuming atleast a 510
Application date: october 1st
worked at brigham and women's hospital in boston doing research (one paper and another possibly, none first author)
shadowed an OR surgeon and a clinical anesthesiologist (just once each)
started a non profit organization that donated clothes to local shelters
volunteered 3 years at a soup kitchen 
started a website with a friend that has raised over $50,000 for children in south america and africa
community outreach program in Cuzco, Peru for a month
worked a clinical research job for 4 months (in allergy research)

Should I give it a chance this year? 

EDIT: forgot to mention that to take that 1 year research position in Boston, i've been out of school for as of 1 year.
Thanks :)

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