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Is It Possible To Switch Pt Programs?

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I'm currently accepted into one program and will be starting my first year there in September. However it is very far from my home. Is it possible to reapply to the programs closer to my home while still attending the program I'm currently accepted in? Will schools look at my undergrad marks or also the marks from my first year in PT? What other complications could I run into? Furthermore, will the program I'm currently in treat me any different for applying to other schools?

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Contact the school you want to transfer to and ask. As far as I know, you cannot transfer - you'd have to go through the application process again. I don't think they will have much sympathy for you as most students either have to move or do the commute. Trust me, if I could transfer to be closer to home, I would. I tried commuting and it just didn't work for me so I had to move. Plus, I don't think there are any advanced standing options for these programs in Ontario, and each program is structured differently. For example, U of T separates the curriculum by system (cardioresp, MSK, neuro) whereas other programs focus on all systems within each part of the body - so even if you wanted to switch, I would assume that you'd have to start all over again in first year. I mean you could always try to defer your offer, work during the year and reapply to other schools to see what happens. That would at least save you ~11k in tuition alone.


Also, schools usually take master's course marks into account when looking at your sGPA, but since it wouldn't make up 20 credits, your undergrad courses will be taken into account as well. 


I don't think your current program will treat you differently, but I would keep it on the down low because some people might not understand.


Anyway, I see you posted in August but I'm interested to see how things worked out for you. Best of luck!

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