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How New Mcat Gonna Be Scored

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The MCAT cutoffs are listed on their website. If you don't meet the cutoffs, unfortunately, you won't be considered. However, as you are an IP, their cutoffs are significantly lower, and all IPs that meet the cutoffs for GPA and MCAT get an interview. In total, the MCAT is only worth 10% of your score so it shouldn't make or break you if you meet the cutoff.

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On Dal's website they state no section can be less than 124, and that only a single score of 124 in any one section is permitted for IP applicants. Also total score needs to add up to 499. 


I feel you on the CARS section unlucky. I thought CARS was my best too but apparently not (125/125/123/126  Chem-phys/CARS/Bio/Psych). Adds up to Dal's 499 req but the 123 renders me ineligible (another IP applicant don't have to worry about :P )

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