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Hello everybody


                               First i graduated with good grades (15.5/20) from a french high school called French lycée and i came in to montreal in 2013 to start biomedical sciences at university of montreal. The first year was a paradox because the canadian system was totally different for me. To be short, i found that the courses were extremely easy but i finished the first year of my undergrad with a terrible gpa of 2.7/4.3. The second year i motivated myself but i had some personal problems so i finished the second year with a gpa of 3.5/4.3.  Total of the 2 years = 3.1. I am now in my third and last year of my undergrad and i think that i can manage a gpa of at least 4.1/4.3 this year. Im also in the process of admission but i know for sure that my results arent good enough to get in med. So i am looking for a wise answer from this community concerning My future knowing that i will do everything in my power to try to realise my dream of becoming a doctor! :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:

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    It's a pleasure to hear your story. I had a similar experience back in undergrad. I finished my undergrad at Waterloo and then went to UofT for a 3-year professional program (Medical radiation sciences). I finished my rotation and decided to pursue higher study cause I got a research award when I was doing my professional degree. I only managed to get a very mediocre GPA in undergrad (low 70s), but managed to get a 3.7 in my professional degree. 

    Now I'm doing my MSc now at a prominent University and is very inclined NOT to pursue a phD but I do not want to go back to my old profession since I know I can be better than that. 

      If I were you , I would choose the path of least resistance - choose the best program that you can get into. Evaluate the potential of this program in two aspects: 1) what you can do with this degree in terms of practicality (eg: a nursing program is not very prestigious but will be very practical)   2) the potential of being a stepping stone to something greater (eg: MD). 

     The first criteria is of utmost importance. There will come to a point in time at which you have be realistic. Always remember what you are capable of because that is what defines who you are. It is indeed admirable to chase a dream. Never forget who you are because the rest of the world will not. 


Best wishes, 

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