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Hi Everyone,

So, I have recently come to realize that becoming a physican is what I want to do.

I did my undergrad at McMaster and completed a degree in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering (B.Eng), and now I am doing a thesis-based Master's in Biomedical Engineering at University of Toronto.


Now, I realized that OMSAS does not evaluate grades the same way McMaster did, for example, it dosen't matter if you took a 4 credit or 5 credit course, the course is given the same weighting as a 3 unit course. This seems really unfair because the reason those courses were 4 or 5 unit courses was to motivate people to take harder courses that required a lot more effort then a 3 unit course, and the extra units were a means of compensating for the very likely lower grades one would get, and the time, and effort one would have put into those difficult courses.


Upon conferring my degree, I got a commulative average of 10.2 equivalent to a 3.7 something on the 4.0 scale. But, because omsas dosen't take into account the weighting of the courses, my total OMSAS gpa is around a 3.54 which is very low :(

Has anyone else had this issue with this part of omsas? Is this different weighting something only engineering program do? I have no idea what I can do at this point. I know some school look at your last 2 years and for those schools i have a 3.75 Gpa which is okay (I guess), but this really narrows down my options.

In case this will help you understand my situation, I have listed my GPA's for each year according to OMSAS's grading scheme, then the grades listed my transcript below:


1st Year: 3.36

2nd Year: 3.32

3rd Year: 3.63

4th Year: 3.86

I actually have on my transcript:

1st Year: ~ 3.3 (9.2/12)

2nd Year:~3.3 (8.9/12)

3rd Year: ~3.7 (10.2/12)

4th Year: ~3.9 (11.2/12)


Do you guys think I have a chance in Ontario at all? Has anyone been in my situation, and if so did you get in? Or any tips would be helpful at this point. I am definitely pursuing medicine because that's what I really want to do.


Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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I think you converted incorrectly. Course weight DOES matter, so 4 credits =/= 5 credits =/= 3 credits.


You're supposed to convert ALL of your marks individually. It's a little complicated but I encourage you to make an OMSAS account and click on the post-secondary education tab on the left then fill in all your grades and course weights. You should get something more accurate.

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Hi There,

Thanks for replying so quickly, I have entered my grades in the postsecondary school tab. The problem is that they ask you to input the credits, I called OMSAS and confirmed that they don't use the credits for any other reason, but to identify the length (half or full year) of course.

They said this: A 3, 4, or 5, unit course is given a weighting of 1 course (half a semester), and a 6 or more credit course is given a weighting of 2 courses (2 full semesters).

Thus, 3,4,5 credit courses are considered equivalent in the GPA calculation, sadly. And they don't seem to care about the situation i am in.

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You may have a chance with Western if you're SWOMEN. You may have a chance with McMasters if you ace CARS on the MCAT (it's not VR anymore) and Casper. With your cGPA of 3.54, you'd be in the bottom 5-10 percentile of the class so you really have the odds stacked against you. http://fhs.mcmaster.ca/mdprog/documents/Classof2017.pdf


But realistically speaking, I'd look into the US or alternate career options.

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