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Hey @xcon2run - any news? do they have a date yet?

They will not postpone the dates of interviews. 

It will come via email.   Last year I got the interview invite email on October 20 for the interview occurring on November 22.

Hey @xcon2run - any news? do they have a date yet?



No updates so far. However, they will be coming out this week for sure. Sorry I don't have more info! There are a lot of moving parts both in SJ and Hali to figure out before the interview invites are sent out. 


This waiting period will help you all develop the "patience" needed for med  ;)

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Hearing about some of these stellar OOP rejections really makes me feel better as it clearly is just a super competitive application pool. So sorry for all those who didn't get selected for interviews. And congrats to those who did.


Just a side note - I had visited Halifax and Dal this summer and spoke to an admissions officer about the determination of good connection and bad. She informed me it's simply for the admissions office use as a filter - so they read through it and basically determine good or bad connection. Those who have "bad" ones don't move forward for review. So the reviewers don't actually see your connection paragraph it's just the admissions office.

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