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Accepted Applicants: How Many Abs Omsas Sketch Items Did You Have?

Accepted Applicants Number of ABS Items  

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  1. 1. How many items did you include on your sketch?

    • 5-7
    • 8-10
    • 11-13
    • 14-15
    • 16-18
    • 19-21
    • 22-24
    • 25-27
    • 28-30
    • 31-33
    • 34-36
    • 37-39
    • 40-41
    • 42-43
    • 44-45
    • 46-47
    • 48

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Hi all!


I know there have been a few threads on how many items people had in their sketches for OMSAS and I have gone through the threads on this pretty thoroughly. I also see there was a poll on this but my poll is specifically for those who were accepted either outright or off a waitlist, not for all who applied. Mods, if I've somehow missed a poll like this that is specific for accepted applicants, please feel free to let me know or remove this. I think this will hopefully be beneficial for others who are applying to get a sense of what the breakdown is for those who are accepted to an Ontario medical school (or if there are schools in other provinces that do similar listing of activities in their apps). I realize it's definitely quality over quantity, still just thought this would be interesting to see. I think most people (from other threads I have read on here) usually take the approach of including what they feel are quality items anyway. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong or if you feel that your poll range overestimates (or underestimates I guess if you feel your forgot to inc something or combined too many) your quality items.


Thanks for participating!



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Not accepted yet.


Had 45, would say 10 entries are significant volunteer/extracurricular activities (range between 100 to 2000 hours, with commitment between a year and half to eight years), ~10-15 are things that I did that had some or little impact on who I am or are side activities that I pursue for enjoyment, ~10-15 entries for research or research-related activities and achievements (papers, awards whatnot), and ~10 for various awards that I received during my undergrad and grad. I got to entry 33 or abouts before I started thinking that the next entries weren't really important at all.

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