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Looking Ahead For Next Cycle (Degree Assesment And Gpa)

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Howdy all


To everyone getting ready for interview day, I wish you all best of luck :)  you survived university and you wrote the beast that is the MCAT so you all are great candidates for Medicine!



Now onto my question.


I was scored ineligible this cycle due to MCAT (missed CARS by 1 point :(  - planning to study and re-write). In the meantime I've worked on a backup plan (just in case), specifically the Advanced standing NP in Moncton (then hopefully on to NP). For those not aware, the ASNP is an accelerated nursing program for those who have completed min 60CH which runs for 2 years.


So now my question. On Dal Med's degree assessment page it states "The calculation of your GPA consists of the two consecutive most senior years of baccalaureate degree being submitted".


So If I complete the ASNP, could I submit this degree for my application and GPA calculation? Or could I  submit my first year's marks in the ASNP in conjunction to say my final year of my BSc? (If I understand Dal's webpage correctly I highly doubt this is possible).


Any insight is greatly appreciated! 



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Sorry I forgot to explain that while I would have the ASNP as a backup,I would keep applying to Dal Med while studying. For anyone wanting background info before considering my post. Suggestions how to improve in EC's are welcome as well.


GPA: 3.7 (best 2 years)


MCAT 125/123/125/126 CP/CARS/BIO/PSYCH


EC's: Average (IMO).  2 years of undergrad research which led to a publication, 2 years volunteering for various projects with Habitat for Humanity, UNB redshirts for several years, lots of work at the hospital as a patient attendant, personal support worker for a senior lady in her home, did Karate for 2 years with some instruction  roles, lots of student clubs and various awards/scholarships. 

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