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Hi all, how is spelling factored in?

I'm not bad with spelling but I mean... what with the time crunch and all..



Would people say having an elaborate and longer response with more spelling errors is better than a slightly shorter well structured response?


Minor spelling mistakes won't be held against you. The CASPer isn't meant to be a typing test - as long as your words can still be understood, you'll be fine.


As for length of response, that doesn't seem to matter much either. As long as your main points are properly conveyed, an essay isn't going to count for more or less than a concise response. I honestly gave both - if you need to ramble to get your point across, do it. If you run out of things to say with a shorter statement, don't try to stretch it out needlessly. They're not that picky - your content matters far more than your style.

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