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bruh GPA isn't everything. if you'll notice from last year's stats, The grades avg/mode actually dropped a bit between the group invited for interviews and those actually accepted.     McGill is pre

Felt fine after the interview even confident. Now that I've had 4 days to think over my answers, I'm probably wondering if they're going to admit me as some sort of experiment, trying to see if someon

For reference: Last year most (if not all) rejections were sent January 19th and acceptances were sent January 20th (I received mine that afternoon) if I have my dates correct. This year it seems they

Sometime in January. Last year they gave the date for the interview invites so you could check in the morning. Minerva also sends you an email that day though in the evening telling you something changed on your account and to log in and check. I'm assuming they will give the date in a bit. ..just keep checking the website. GL!

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It says on McGill 's website:


Dates importantes:


Les dates suivantes sont pour une admission à l’automne 2016 et sont assujetties à des changements sans préavis. Il n’y a aucune admission durant les sessions d'hiver ou d'été.


Date d'ouverture des demandes d'admission: le 1er septembre 2015

Date limite pour déposer une demande : le 2 novembre 2015

Date limite pour déposer les d'appui : le 2 novembre 2015

***Date prévue pour la diffusion des décisions préliminaires : le 22 janvier 2016

Dates des entrevues : les 15, 16, 17, 18 février 2016

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