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Hey everyone! I'm making the dive into medicine and I just wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas that I may have not considered with regards to which schools to apply to and which I have a shot at for a MD program.


My background was in the air force as a pilot.  I've had some pretty unique life experiences that came with that and have lived in some pretty isolated places.   Lots of leadership examples and various academic and professional awards.  I started developing a passion for medicine and I have a fair bit of ER from hospital volunteering to shadowing family practices.   I've been strong throughout my career so far but it seems like medicine keeps calling me.  Former Resident of BC/ON and currently living in Saskatchewan. I speak English and French.


My Academic background

Not too much specific Biochem or typical pre-med courses
Undergrad: 3.85 (OMSAS) BEng (weighted more like 3.9)

Masters- Mechanical Engineering MASc (Thesis)

Distance education ongoing- 3.9 (OMSAS)



I hope to hear your comments and your heckles!  Anyone have any recommendations?



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Q: How do you know your date with a military pilot has reached the half-way point?


A: The topic changes from "let me tell you about myself" to "let me tell you about when I'm flying..."


Only half kidding...   ;)


Overall GPA looks ok.  Best to break it out by academic year, because that's important for some schools.  Speaking of which, there are only a dozen or so medical schools in Canada.   It would be worth your while to look at each of their admission requirements in detail, because there are some important school-to-school differences.


MCAT is ok, VR is a bit light and I suspect to fix that you'll need to write the new MCAT (which I know nothing about).

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Your background seems perfect - as you are considered to be IP for many medicine schools, including UofA, U Calgary, U Sask.. not sure about U Manitoba.


Your GPA is good enough for many schools. MCAT wise, should be enough too. U Calgary emphasize EC a lot, your rich life experience would definitely be very beneficial.


Good luck!

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