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Hello everyone,


As part of the McMaster Life Science program, students have to take physics for at least one semester.


I am just wondering if anyone has taken the Physics 1A03, Introductory Physics, course at McMaster. I want to know if that course is harder if one does not take Physics 12 (SPH4U or equivalent) in their senior year in high school. The prerequisite for that course is not physics, but grade 12 calculus or equivalent. Is this course geared for those who did not take physics in high school? 


Thank you for your time.

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Well obviously it's going to be harder without grade 12 physics. But it's more than fine. I did intro physics for a full year without physics 3 or 4U (so zero physics) and was fine. 


intro physics is usually a review of 4U for the people who took it, and tough but do-able for those who didn't. Emphasis on do-able.


Plus, its better than trying to self-teach for the MCAT

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Thank you for your reply. I really do not want to take physics as I have a personal problem with the sole teacher that teaches the grade 12 physics course.


Again, thank you for your reply. 

Wait...you still have the option to take it?


Suck it up and take the course. You're nearly assuring yourself a lower grade in university by skipping it. Guarantee you will be kicking yourself in September if you don't

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