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Looking at the Duke CCM & Anesthesia fellowship page (http://anesthesiology.duke.edu/?page_id=818043) it would appear that you can apply having completed a CCFP residency (http://anesthesiology.duke.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/CCM-eligibility_recruitment_selection-11.2015.pdf)


I know you can enter their hyperbaric medicine fellowship this way.


They list two Canadian graduates: Jordan Cuthbert (University of Ottawa) and Duane Funk (University of Manitoba)-- both anesthetists by training, according to google.


Is anyone aware of someone who trained as a CCFP in Canada and then did a CCM fellowship in the US? What did their practice look like?


I'm gonna presume that this is not some secret fast track to running a toronto ICU as a GP, but are there docs out there working in community ICUs with this sort of background?

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