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Can anyone attest to the transit and bus experience to UBC in the mornings?  Particularly, the number 44 from downtown to UBC? Frequency of pass-ups, and general service experience? I am trying to get a sense of how our schedule according to the Standard Timetable fits in with transit, and whether it is smart to assume transit in Vancouver can be reliable for the purposes of keeping with our schedule?  



Transit is usually pretty solid. The only exception is if it starts snowing or something and the transit system gets delayed or something. As long as you leave early enough, it should be fine. As a note, I tend to add 5-10 minutes to whatever the Google maps trip time tells me in case of a slower bus driver or something along those lines.


I've never taken the 44 before, but based on the route, I'd advise you to look for a bus that stops near the pharmacy building (ex. 25/43/41) so that you won't have to walk all the way from the bus loop.

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I got my acceptance letter!!!!!! Omg. I have never felt so tired yet so excited

Based on past years wait listed people tend to be admitted so i would take your advice with a grain of salt. Literally every other pharmacy school still has to extend out offers. In my point of view,

I had accepted my offer and will now be declining it so another spot will open up 

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Hi friends! I'm applying this year, I was wondering for those of you that got accepted did you or your friends have a cGPA that was in the low to mid 70's??


Thanks for your help  :P


Hey ya!. I know a few people that are in the program right now that had cGPA in the mid 70s. 

If you are applying, make sure that you do well on the interview, that can bump you up in my opinion. 

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I understand where your coming from bcftw123 but the program is more competitive even with the extra prereqs relative to b.pharm because they want pharmacists to start doing much more now- pharmacists are expected to do some diagnosis too now( i work in a pharmacy and the college sent letters out detailing the new responsibilities and hinting it may require b.pharm holders to update some courses)


That's absolutely not true. There are plenty of PD courses available to pharmacists including physical assessment, interpretation of laboratory values etc. However, formal "upgrading" for BScPharm holders will never be required. The transition to PharmD occurred almost 20 years ago in the states, and 10 years ago in Quebec, and entry-to-practice degree is an entry-to-practice degree.  Also pharmacists are not diagnosticians and do not diagnose. There is a fine line between assessment and diagnosis, it's important to be aware of that line (I'm a pharmacist with advanced training and there are many people with "only" a BScPharm who are far better practitioners than I will ever be).

You are right pharmacists are expected to do more now, and for these reasons ECs are evermore important, you might have a stellar GPA but if you can't talk to people, or engage with the community you're useless as a healthcare professional. 

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Trying to figure out how many people UBC Pharmacy interviews. Does anyone have any idea? How many interview groups are there on Sat and Sun?


Total number of interviewees was approximately 375. There are a max of 10 people per "track", and three floors each running a "track", hence 30 people per group. Best bet would have been 13-14 groups ran over two days, hence 7 per day. That would be the most reasonable assumption (in my opinion). 

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