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Hello all,


I know that uOttawa calculates your GPA using your last credits, but what happens if the prerequisite courses were taken in Y1 or Y2? Are they still counted in the sGPA just because they are prerequisites or are they simply marked as complete no matter what grade you got? I ask because I didn't do too well in anatomy, but it was taken in Y2 so I'm hoping it wouldn't be a big deal...




(Edit: The title's capital letters messed up on its own...)

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Hey there,


From my understanding, uOttawa will use the same sGPA as the other Ontario schools. To be honest - I'm making a bit of an assumption here because their website just says they use the "ORPAS" method.


"La Faculté des études supérieures et postdoctorales (FESP) de l’Université d’Ottawa a établi la moyenne minimale d’admission à « B » (70 %). Tout candidat doit donc avoir une moyenne de « B » ou plus pour que son dossier soit étudié.

Le calcul de moyenne est effectué par l'ORPAS. Pour le détails sur la méthode utilisée, veuillez consulter le


Can you confirm they use sGPA? ... you know how it is, once you get reading about this stuff you start questioning everything you throught was true!


Anyway, from what I can tell they just want you to have taken the pre-requisites within the last 6 years.

In terms of whether they would ever calculate your grades in those pre-reqs to determine admission at any point in the process... I have no idea. I can't see where they explicitly state that anywhere but you might want to give them a call just to double check.


Hope this helps a little!

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Can you confirm they use sGPA? 


Yeah, I actually didn't figure that out 'til recently. I found it in the ORPAS booklet: http://www.ouac.on.ca/docs/orpas/b_orpas_e.pdf

On page 37: "Le calcul de votre moyenne sera réalisé par ORPAS à partir des 10 pleins cours de premier cycle les plus récents, soit l’équivalent de 20 cours ORPAS et comprendra les notes finales de la session d’automne de l’année en cours. Pour les détails du calcul de la moyenne ORPAS, veuillez consulter la section « Formation postsecondaire » du livret de directives ORPAS. Les dossiers des candidats sont classés en fonction de leur moyenne scolaire." Which is basically sGPA, right. It goes on to say that prereqs must be completed by a certain time, but it makes no mention of them being calculated into the GPA... I might contact uOttawa directly to confirm because this affects whether or not I will retake the class to get a better mark (if they don't care about the mark, I'm not going to retake it and have a not so great mark show up in my sGPA - but if they take it regardless, I may as well try and get a better mark).


I'm so worried about my GPA... A 3.3/4.3 is definitely less than desirable, but it is over 70% for sure. I'm assuming the cutoff could be higher than B if there are many applicants... Or are they guaranteeing that they will look at everybody over 70%... aaaah!

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I am totally with you with your GPA frustration! I'm currently taking classes to try and boost my sGPA... I am working so hard to increase it by a few hundredths of a GPA point... not knowing if it will even help. I'm sure lots of people on these boards can relate, too. We just want someone to even LOOK at our application.


It doesn't hurt to ask about the what the cutoff was last year when you call them. A "B" average is a common "cutoff" listed on program websites, but in reality because they receive so many applicants they use a higher cutoff to reduce the # of applications.


For uOttawa in particular, I have been wondering about what they mean by the "status du candidat" in the factors they consider when selecting someone to participate in an interview...


"Lors de cette première étape, nous évaluons les dossiers selon trois critères : la présence de tous les préalables au programme, la moyenne scolaire générale pondérée et le statut du candidat."


Hang in there! --> What I tell myself every day, haha.

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For uOttawa in particular, I have been wondering about what they mean by the "status du candidat" in the factors they consider when selecting someone to participate in an interview...


I can actually help you out with that!  :) Statut refers to where you are from...  So not something we can change! They generally aim for 70% Ontarians, 12% CNFS (???) and 18% "other"... 


"Les pourcentages d’admissions ont été déterminés selon le statut des candidats : 70 p. cent de candidats ontariens, 12 p. cent de candidats CNFS et 18 p. cent de candidats autres. Les comités d’admission déterminent donc le classement des dossiers des candidats selon leur statut et regroupent les dossiers selon le corridor d’admission."

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