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It says that the course takes 30 weeks from registration date...wouldnt that be too late then? Don't we need to be dine by April 30?

I believe that is the maximum amount of time, as in, you are required to complete the course in under 30 weeks. It is likely that it can be completed as quickly as you would like, but I am not certain.

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both of these will fulfill the English requirement. We should form a English Pre-req study group... to help each other with assignment etc. :) PM me if you are interested.

I would be willing to join a study group if I end up going this route in order to fulfil the english requirement

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Yes with TRU/AU, you can do it as quickly as you like - within reason, as you need to register for exams, delivery times, and general administrative processing.   Plan well and you can finish fairly quickly- especially if you don't have many commitments.


Ohh okay! How does the final exam work if you live in Toronto? 

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