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Queens Interview Invites/regrets 2016

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Result: Reject from MD/PhD + MD
wGPA: 3.8
MCAT: 10/10/10
ECs: a ton, publications, lots of service and volunteering, $80,000 in funding
Year: Master's (completed)





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Result: Invite / Reject
Year: UG (what year), Masters, PhD 

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TIME STAMP: 3:44 p.m. Result: Invite!!!!!! last2yGPA: 3.92  MCAT: (513) 128/127/128/130 ECs: some long term commitments, 5 abstracts, international martial arts, etc.  Year: post UG

TIME STAMP: 3:39 PM Result: Invited to MD wGPA: 3.98 MCAT: 11/10/14 ECs: Average, actually pretty weak I thought.  Year: 4th year undergrad ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was NEVER expecting this

Timestamp: 3:43 pm EST Interview: Yes GPA: Last two years of undergraduate 3.3 cGPA. PhD = 4.0 MCAT: Old 25, 26, 25 New: 508 (Phy/Chem: 125, CARS: 128, Bio:128, Phys 127) ECs: PhD, 10 publicat

TIME STAMP: 1:29pm

Result: Reject from MD/PhD

wGPA: 3.8

MCAT: 10/10/10

ECs: a ton, publications, lots of service and volunteering, $80,000 in funding

Year: Master's


Still being considered for MD however I know it's because of my MCAT that i was disqualified therefore will likely be rejected from MD as well. 

I feel bad now...

TIME STAMP: 1:26pm

Result: Invited to MD/PhD interview

wGPA: 3.84 maybe?

MCAT: 13/10/10

ECs: a ton of research with conferences + papers in progress. No funding though, unless you count the NSERC USRA..

Year: 4th year UG



Did your email say when MD decisions may be sent?


It just said "Interview offers for the MD program will be sent out in the New Year."

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Result: Invited to MD

wGPA: 3.93

MCAT: 12/11/13

ECs: Some good activities but not a lot of them. Lots of research, abstracts, one publication. 8 years of guitar, 6 years of squash, taught in a french summer camp and worked with kids with special needs.

Year: UG4

I was not expecting this at all. I'm ecstatic.

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Result: Invited to MD interview

cGPA: 3.58

wGPA: 3.82

MCAT: 513 (127/127/129/130)

ECs: Very strong research, ~100k in awards, TA, high-level sports, work with marginalized population. Fairly strong overall IMO

Year: PhD in progress


Very excited, seeing I think I just hit the wGPA and MCAT cutoffs!

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Result: Reject
wGPA: 3.89
MCAT: 127/127/129/128
ECs: lots, long term hospital volunteering, volunteering with children, ESL teacher for refugees, TA, tutor, society leadership position, various scholarships and awards (in-course, impact & leadership awards), long term employment, etc.
Year: UG year 4

Wasn't keeping my hopes up, but devastating nonetheless. 
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It went into my spam and so I thought I was in for a regrets email for sure. I'm super excited, as I thought for sure my gpa would prevent me from interviewing here.

cGPA: ~3.6 (2 YR not much better)

MCAT: 522

Year: finishing up PhD

ECs: strong research + teaching, lots of sports, lots of retail/hospital work during undergrad

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cGPA: 3.78 or so... Does PT count?

MCAT: 128 chem and bio, 132 soc and CARS

ECs: lots of theatre productions, refugee centre, literacy tutor, farming, various

Year: graduated 2012


I have been stressing about this the whole time, and it was in my spam folder aaaaaaahhhhh! Wow, this is amazing.


Hugs to everyone with regrets today -- this had been such a maddening day

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Time Stamp: 1:44 (mountain time)

Result: Invite!!!! (unless of course they sent me a stealth rejection to my spam folder at the same time)


MCAT: 520 129/130/132/129

ECs: TAing, Research, Coaching and playing sports, Teaching music, Playing in bands (I really hadn't seen this as a strength)

Year: 2nd year MSc


I'll be fully honest, I didn't see this coming in a million years. The fact that other people are getting rejections as well as invites has me a little suspicious that my interview will be somehow rescinded. With that said, attending Queens would be a dream come true!

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Result: Invite!!

wGPA: 3.94

MCAT: 11/10/13

ECs: Above average? Who knows. Biomedical research in UG/Grad, clinical research, lead on a QI project, publications, conferences, awards, TA, leadership roles in UG/Grad, medically-related volunteering, employment at a hospital, sports and other fun stuff. Filled all of the available ABS slots with things that are meaningful to me.

Current Year: 2nd Year MSc


In disbelief. So grateful  :)  Best of luck to everyone still waiting for news!

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Mine was in my spam folder


Time Stamp: 5:08 pm (Atlantic)

Result: Reject

wGPA: 4.0

MCAT: 511 (I don't think this met cut offs, I also had a pretty low CARS)

ECs: Lots of volunteering and leadership positions, no research however

Current Year: 4th undergrad


I think my MCAT score was a decider for most of the Ontario schools, as the only interview I got was to Ottawa. Which is disappointing because I thought it was pretty decent. I don't think I will re-write though as Ottawa and Dal are my first choices.

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