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Guest rookiemeds

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I think it'll be really soon--I got a letter on Friday 25 April last year. Dr Hughes mentioned that they don't send OOP rejections--they send acceptances and waitlist notices and as people decline the OOP spots they move down the waitlist. Spots tend to open up after the Ontario acceptances come out at the end of May. If I recall, only 2 of 9 OOP students got acceptances in April and the rest got in off the waitlist at various points so don't lose hope if you're waitlisted. From what I recall from ezboard chatter last year Dal refuses to give out information as to one's rank on the waitlist.

Hang in there--I know how rotten the wait can be.


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Guest PaniDoktor

Nope ... no news yet.


I didn't realize that waitlist letters are also sent out. I thought that only the 9 acceptances that are sent in April, and then more acceptances are sent as the waiting list moves.


Can someone confirm this? It would be nice to get a letter either way. This whole stalking-the-mailbox thing is tough on the nerves. :eek



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