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I am wondering about the factors that were involved in deciding medicine was the right path for you. How did you know before getting into medicine that you would be able to handle the sadness factor - dealing with people passing away and patients with terminal illnesses? Did you have any worries about being a strong enough person or how you would deal with the career emotionally? What were the pros that outweighed the cons of long hours, being near communicable diseases, being in relatively unpleasant (long hours, fluorescent lighting, noise, overcrowding) hospital environments etc?



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These were definitely concerns I had - whether I was emotionally strong enough to handle sad situations. A lot of experience with loss of family members made me realize I could handle it because you learn ways of coping, but not everyone has these kinds of experiences. So when choosing specialties, if you're someone who cannot handle the sadness factor, there are always options to choose specialties with good prognosis or not in a hospital environment if it's something you don't like.

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