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Help ! U Of T Pa Supplemental Application

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Hi All,


I need help  and advice in filling up the supplemental application for PA program in University of Toronto.  There

is a question in the end of the personal statement section asking about the "effect of the distance and distributed nature of this program on your life", so here should I explain how my personal life would be affected by this PA program or anything else is being asked here ??

Please can some current or past student help me here in comprehending this question ?


 appreciating  your help in advance,



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The UofT program in the first year has residential blocks where you are "must" be in Toronto the rest of the first year is in your home location, second year is 6 months in Northern Ontario for clinical rotations and 6 months in your home location. Use this information to construct your response to the question, how your life will be effected and how you intend to deal with the distributed nature of the program. Hope this answers your question.

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Thanks relaxingbath for elaborating this.  Considering this, 2nd year is going to be very hard for me if I make to get into the program.

Also, one more thing, if someone has not worked/ lived in the northern / rural , how I can get info about the health care services in these regions. I mean are there resources available on internet or in the books about this information ??

This is needed to answer one other question in the Supplementary application.

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I had a friend that worked in nunavut as an RN for a year so I picked her brains on the difficulties and rewards of working in remote rural communities, I would suggest you already answered the question as there are blogs and other published papers on remote healthcare.


I live 100km from Toronto and spend the residential blocks away from my family which is difficult, not sure how i'll manage next year for clinical placements but from talking with the year above they are having amazing experiences with their placements so it won't be all bad.

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I would also suggest looking at the LHIN websites (e.g. North West LHIN). They might have some information for you.


I am from a larger city, but I spent much of my 20s in Northwestern Ontario and had completed clinical placements in Northern Manitoba while completing my degree - with the right attitude, you could have a great time.  :) Often, many people go up north for training purposes and are 'orphans' and adopt each other into their framilies.


And there's no such thing as cold weather, just inadequate clothes.  :cool:

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