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...Can anyone else relate?

Literally. Dying.

Some might find this info comforting (from their blog):   Good afternoon MD Applicant, Thank you for your question. At the current time not all of the March 12/13 interview spots have been filled.

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Are today's invites for those who applied to the MD/PhD stream or just regular MD?


I applied MD/PhD and received an MD invite today for the end of February. No word about the MD/PhD program, but I assume I wasn't rejected, since I live outside of Canada, and they said that people with substantial travel distances will receive later interview dates.


ETA: I emailed them, and they said MD/PhD interview invites will come out in ~2 weeks. If you're OOP, I'd suggest interviewing them, since they rescheduled my MD interview to the MD/PhD weekend.

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Thanks for finding out! Someone on the other thread posted that they received both MD & MD/PhD interviews today, so that's kind of odd.


Yeah I received an MD/PhD interview today. Maybe its just the OOP ones that they will send out later, but I know they typically try to schedule the MD/PhD interviews for the first weekend (especially for IP)

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Interview Date: Feb 28

Result: Invite

wGPA: idk, 3.95+?

MCAT: 521 (129/132/130/130)

ECs: Pretty heavy research, first author pub, presentations, several abstracts, multiple manuscripts in prep, research awards. Community and school leadership, etc. Pretty standard

Essays: wrote them all in one day, literally budgeted two hours for each one the day before the deadline.

Year: 4th year UG

Geography : OOP


Anyone know how to reschedule dates?


Are you an MD/phD Applicant?

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Does anyone know if UofT is flexible with interview rescheduling? I'm from OOP and I'd like to fit some of my interviews on the same weekend. Also, would I be able to still reschedule after I've confirmed I will be attending an interview? I have to reply by Feb 1st and I'm still waiting on a few Ontario schools

You can only reschedule if you have a direct interview conflict.

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Is interview prep helpful for their set up?

Maybe not as much but just getting comfortable with how you answer questions, talking about current events and such so that we can come up with opinions if asked about them.  The group I'm prepping with also has Mac interviews that we're prepping for so we'll be doing MMI prep as well.

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