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Publications As Part Of Application

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... how do you have publications already if you just finished 1st year?


Kids these days are on top of their game!


potato, you could include it and see what happens. just be honest about it and don't say you're first author. also, any sports or activities are ok. some people in our class didn't put any on their app and it was fine. it would fall under diversity but that could mean anything. don't stress over the details. just add things that you feel represent you and let the admissions decide. 

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What would I do in a scenario where I have had two paid (so under employment) research experiences, for both of which I have made and presented posters. Can I list the posters under the Diversity section and group them together for both experiences. 



Also what is UofA's preference on inclusion of high school leadership experiences with clubs and the sort? I have enough experiences from undergrad to list, but for the diversity section was thinking of grouping my high school activities in one? Is that fine, or not necessary? 


Thank you! 

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