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Looking For A Serious Mmi Skype Prep Partner

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Hi all,


I am looking for a serious MMI Skype prep partner, to try out a new way of prep. As it does require a lot of prep time before and after practice, I am hoping to find someone who is dedicated and willing to try it out with me.


Essentially, traditional MMI practice is to meet with questions, asking each other questions, and give short feedback immediately. I found it personally not so helpful after a while (it helps a lot when you first practice MMI), as basically I started just repeating same answers & structure over and over.


I try to find a better way to give each other feedback.


My proposal is:

1) Each of us prepare some questions before practice, and also spend some time in preparing a "good answer" before we meet.

2) During practice, we give each other feedback, and write down feedback based on the "good answer". Also we discuss, and try to come up a "perfect answer" together.

3) Try to re-answer the question offline using the "perfect answer", to improve answering strategy,

4) Discuss the structure, strategy of answers, evaluate & track each other's progress.


It will be perfect if you:

1) Have some MMI experience, if you don't know what's MMI, it is better to start regular MMI practice.

2) Also thinks this method will be beneficial.

3) Can commit at least once or twice per week regularly, and will spend time preparing for the practice (usually at least one hour before each practice).


Please contact me if you are interested, and tell me a little about yourself. 


Many thanks,

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Just as an FYI. I would say that 100% of the time there is no perfect answer. Be prepared to discuss different ways to answer the same question and try not to focus so much and getting everything "right". MMI are designed to have no right/wrong answers.


Agreed. However, check out the interviewer's manual, will give interviewees a better understanding of what they are looking for in the interview.




I found this document very helpful for me to come up with this strategy. Although there is no absolute best answer, there are definitely angles those will more likely to help you (or easier to) demonstrate your critical thinking, service ethics, leadership, empathy etc.


Most ethical, policy questions do have general good answers.

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