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Guest Ibraheem

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Guest Ibraheem

Course Listings at Dal




I was wondering if these courses would be enough to get into Med. School? How many courses do we need in University?


Here is a list of courses I made that I thought might me required to get in Med. School. What other courses do you think I should take?




Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

·        Advanced Laboratory in Biochemical Techniques

·        Proteins and Enzymes

·        Molecular Biology of the Gene



·        Evolution

·        Genetics

·        Cell Biology

·        Introductory Ecology



·        Spectroscopy

·        Organic Chemistry

·        Physical Chemistry

·        Inorganic Chemistry

·        Theoretical Chemistry


Microbiology and Immunology

·        Immunology

·        Medical Bacteriology

·        Microbial Genetics



·        Calculus

·        Geometry



·        General Physics

·        Condensed Matter Physics

·        Modern Physics


Statistic (which ones?)

·        Introduction to Probability and Statistics

·        Statistical Methods of Data Analysis and Inference

·        Probability

·        Sample Survey Methods

·        Design of Experiments

·        Statistical Computing

·        Survival Analysis

·        Nonlinear Regression

·        Data Analysis





·        Ethics and Health Care

·        Philosophy of Psychology

·        Understanding Scientific Reasoning


English (which ones?)

·        Epic Romance and Fantasy

·        The English Novel to 1900

·        Tragedy

·        Comedy

·        Satire

·        Narrative in the Cinema

·        Canadian Literature

·        Bob Dylan and the Literature of the 60s

·        Shakespeare

·        Contemporary Women Poets

·        Arthur, the Age and Legend

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Guest therealcrackers

It depends entirely on three things:


1) Your interests when you get to university


2) The prerequisites if they exist at the medical schools to which you apply


3) Your interests when you get to university.



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Guest UWOMED2005

Wow - I recognize a lot of those courses. Heck, I took some of them! Well, the biochem ones at least. And know, Proteins and Enzymes wasn't that useful for med school. . . though it did help me out with that one lecture we did on the subject.


But you're going to have some problems with the biochem courses - I think those are all advanced 4th year courses. You can't do them without the third year courses. You can't take those without the 2nd year courses. And you certainly can't take those without the first year courses. In fact, you've got upper year courses from so many subjects that I'm pretty sure there is no way you take all those courses you've listed.


DON'T WORRY ABOUT THIS. When you get accepted to Dal, they will hold a mid-summer weekend orientation section they call "Summer O." It's a blast - you should go as much for the chance to meet future classmates as for academic reasons. But they will help you choose your timetable, which if you're thinking of studying biology, biochem or microbiology will probably look like:


-BIO 1000.06R

-CHEM 1041.03A/1042.03B

-MATH 1000.03A (first term calc) and MATH 1010.03B (second term calc) or 1060.03B (Stats - you're probably better taking this. Second term calc is useless for bio degrees. I used it ONCE, for that useless proteins/enzymes course!)

-PHYC 1300.06R (Physics for Bio majors. . . about the right level to ace the MCAT) or PHYC 1100.06R (Physics for physics majors or those who won't to prove they're brave, despite the 46% class average one year I was there)

-Some random writing course of interest


Don't worry about after first year. You will change your mind anyway during first year.


Heck, you probably shouldn't even worry about first year. You will change your mind anyway before you finish high school.


At this point ask yourself this:

- Do I want to go to Dal? Doing a degree at Dal as opposed to other maritime schools will give you more access to world class medical research for 4th year thesis and NSERC projects than other schools in NB/NS but not much. Go wherever you'd be more comfortable.

- Are there any special programs I'd like to do? At Dal, the special programs would be engineering, the Foundation Year Program at King's College (I did that program - great program!) and the DISP (Dal Integrated Sciences Program.) These you have to apply to before hand.

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Guest arcticaguy


I think everything has already been addressed. I would only add that what I see as one of the best features of our class is our diversity. There's no cookie cutter-type med student personality. It makes for really interesting times (@ parties or even just at lunchtime) just getting to know your classmates and the adventures of their lives. Some have worked all over the world, one is a fighter pilot, some know how to speak several languages.....

Although the numbers state that most have taken a science degree and have gone to Dal, , in areas ranging from psychology, to kinesiology to neurobiology. Further, some have completed multiple degrees and 'life experience' such as law, teaching, mba, research....

Don't sweat it, man. Best of luck.


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