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Guest Ibraheem

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Guest Ibraheem

I'm currently a Sophmore at high school and am really interested in cardiology. I was wondering if you could advise me on what courses I should take in university to help me get into this field and I was wondering if taking AP courses in high school would help in anyway? Also, I would like to know what other educational requirements are needed. I am really intrested to get into Dal and i currently live in NB. What are my chances of getting into Medical school at Dal if I get a undergrad from Dal. And currently my average in 4.65

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Guest UWOMED2005

Hey Ibraheem,


Sophomore at High School, eh? Don't be in a panic just yet - you've got LOADS of time until you even have to begin to think about worrying about this. But to give you some advice. . .


- Your academics in high school won't count towards you when applying to medicine. Just make sure you have marks that are good enough to get into a good program (85% or higher is a good goal) and make sure you really, really understand your high school chem, physics and bio courses. . . they're the foundation for all the sciences you will need to take to get into med school and for the MCAT


- Just make sure you get into a university that you want to attend and choose a program that interests you and you can excel in. What you study doesn't really matter, though biological sciences of some sort (biology, biochem, microbiology, physiology, anatomy) will help once you get in med school


- Going to Dal for undergrad doesn't help you get into Dal for med school. Being from NS/NB/PEI is what helps you. Being from NB also helps you with MUN admissions. Feel free to go anywhere for undergrad - UNB, UNBSJ, Mt. A, STU, Dal, Acadia, St. FX, King's, U of T or anywhere outside the maritimes. . . it really doesn't matter


- Maintain a broad base of activities - sports teams, extra-currics, volunteering, anything that interests you


- Don't put on blinders - be ready to entertain the thought of different career paths!! Not only do I think this is necessary for your development as a human being and so that you don't end up getting into a cardiology fellowship only to realize you hate cardiology, but also med school admissions committees often prefer people who have kept their mind open.



Hope this helps

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Guest aneliz

To add to what UWOMEDS had to say:


First, it is always good to have a goal in mind, but it is pretty early for you to be that specialised in your goal...(seeing as cardiology is a subspecialty of a specialty)


Here is the basic overview of what you will need to do if you would like to get into cardiology - but it is still VERY early and you should leave yourself open to other options too....many of my friends that were set on medicine when we were still in high school have found areas that they like far better and now have no intention of even applying to med! There is tonnes of stuff out there - much more then you can even imagine when you are in high school....believe me!


1. Finish high school with as high a GPA as possible - but don't neglect the rest of your life to do this! Volunteering and extracurrics are really important too! Your high school GPA will not be used in your med application, but it will be essential in getting into the undergrad program that you want.


2. Pick an undergrad school and program that you like. It doesn't matter where you go to do your undergrad...just like it doesn't matter what you do your undergrad in! At UWO, we have students from every university in Canada....and they have undergrad programs that range from religion to chemical engineering. As UWOMEDS said, it is not your undergrad school but your place of residence that will help you to get in. As an example, at UWO, we only have 22 UWO undergrads in a class of 133 people - so most of the people in the med program did their undergrad elsewhere.


3. You can apply to med school after three or four years of your undergrad, depending on the school. As I am sure you are aware, the competition can be fierce - but extracurrics, volunteer work and your interivewing skills are just as important, if not more important, than your course of study and GPA.


4. When you get into med, you will do four years of med school before you decide what specialty you want to do. During this time you will have NO choice as to what you study...everybody does the same whether they want to be pediatricians, psychiatrists or surgeons.


5. After med school you 'match' to a residency program in internal medicine. Getting a residency position is almost like applying to med school all over again....you have to write personal statements, go to interviews and get chosen by a program. You could end up pretty much anywhere in Canada for your residency.


6. After three years of your internal medicine residency, you would apply to do a cardiology fellowship....I am not sure how long a cardiology fellowship is there days....(2 years?)


After you are finished all that, you would be a cardioligist!


So you can see by the timeline that you still have about 15 years of school in front of you before you will be a practicing cardioligist - more time than it has taken you to get from kindergarten to where you are now! And I'm sure that you can appreciate that a lot can change in that amount of time. While it is good to have a goal in mind, I really encourage you to keep an open mind and explore other options too....lots of people 'put blinkers on' and miss other exciting opportunities that they didn't even know existed because they were fixated on a single specific path from a really early point.


Good luck!

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Guest Ibraheem

I am ready do go as long as possible to get into med school.... I am in no rush... I mean come on why would I want to hurry... I have my whole life :D .... I am just looking at different opportunities... and out or all I like medicine the most.... I can speak/understand 7 languages, I am really good with computers/webdesign and many other things, and I know there is a whole world for me to explore.... but I am sticking with medicine all the way....

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