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U Of Alberta Interview Invites/regrets 2016

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Result:  Invite

GPA: 3.35

MCAT: 504

Year: Graduated in April

ECs:  Mature student with years as a healthcare professional in an allied field, research experience, extensive travel, extensive volunteer work, extensive Sr. Administration experience, work with Indigenous communities, artistic achievements, overcoming personal challenges


Third time applying and sort of in disbelief.  I had a crappy first run at a degree 15 years ago, and have had to drag my GPA up this time around...really didn't think I had a chance.

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Result: Invite
GPA: 4.0
MCAT: 517 (128/129/129/131)
Year: 4th year

ECs: A few activities with a lot of hours, a little research but not a lot related to health care. I devoted a lot of time to a few activities I enjoy (sports, etc) so my app isn't typical of a pre-med.



After being rejected from Dalhousie, Calgary, UBC, and waitlisted at Sask, I thought my chances of getting in OOP was low. Really ecstatic that U of A gave me a chance, I really love their program and it is one of my top choices!!!

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Result: Invite

GPA: 3.5x-3.6x or

MCAT: 523

ECs: International levels sports, research, tutoring with low SES high school students, taught in a Faculty of Medicine in Canada, major academic awards last year, then your generic stuff like student societies, etc.
Year: UG done, 2nd year of Medical School abroad (I know, I know)
Geography: IP, multiple year applicant


The process is really geared for two kinds people: those who hit the ground running from day 1 in their undergrad....and those who persist (and those whose circumstances allow them to persist). Good luck to everyone!

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Timestamp: 12:47pm (pacific)

Result: Invite

cGPA: 3.67

MCAT: 522

EC's: Junior-varsity rowing, research, crisis-line volunteering, working with FAS children, work with seniors

Year: 4th year UG

Geography: IP


Congratulations to everyone that got an invitation! To everyone that didn't get an invitation, I'm sorry, it's so discouraging but don't give up, you'll make fantastic doctors, a year or two delay is small in comparison to a 40 year career!

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