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Mmi Score On Overall Acceptance: Post Interview Decision Making

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Hello Everyone,


I am trying to understand how the MMIs help adcoms choose students.


Does each applicant get an MMI score and that score is then added to AQ and NAQ scores and applicants with the highest score get accepted? or do people who made it to the interview are separated from one another based on MMI solely and in each cycle the top 4 get accepted?


How does the MCAT and LOR factor into this selection process??



Your help is greatly appreciated.



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As UBC Med states, they evaluate every applicant holistically. What does this mean? This means that EVERYTHING is important and relevant to your potential admission to the program; including but not limited to your overall/adjusted GPA, prerequisite GPA (only for this application cycle), MCAT score, letter of recommendations/references, non-academic qualities, academic qualities (publications, academic awards, etc.), and your interview score (with possibly your writing station included in the score or as separate component).


Having said all that, I believe that your interview performance is a key player. Everyone who has received an interview invitation has already passed the cutoff for their academic and non-academic qualities, which is pretty competitive. So by definition, the emphasis will pretty much be on your interview performance. However, it is not as if they don't look at an applicant's academic and non-academic qualities just because he/she almost got a perfect score on their interview. It is highly likely that this person will receive an offer of admission, but it is not guaranteed.


These are all speculations of course, but thinking about it in these ways makes sense to me. No one but admission committee members know exactly what is important or not. But rest assured, everyone with a good enough interview score (probably at least average) will get a 'full' review. Those with a "Below Average" interview will 99% not have a 'full' review, unfortunately. I could be wrong in this last bit, though.

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My understanding is: after interview, interview score and AQ, NAQ will be summed up, and ranked.

The top x% will be guaranteed admission.

The last y% will be rejected.

The central z% will receive a holistic review, this is where MCAT, reference, and your AQ, NAQ all together be considered again.


I am not sure about the number for x y z tho.

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