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Mmi And Panel Interview, What Kind Of Stations/questions To Expect?

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I have interviewed at UBC and read a lot about how the MMI is conducted in general and at other schools like Mac, UBC, Calgary, but I cant find much info on what to expect from the Queens interview.  Specifically, what kind of prompts do they like to ask in the MMI and what kind of questions does the panel throw at you (personal, ethical, etc.)?


Any advice on this and/or how to prepare is much appreciated!

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I'm not sure how many, if any, specifics people would be allowed to say about this because of the confidentiality waivers. I'm hoping they'll send an email with more details though


I have a feeling that Queen's was intentionally vague, just like how they are intentionally vague in saying how they select interviewees.....

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was an email sent to applicants last year about what to expect for the MMI? I have no idea what to expect either in terms of probing questions, timing, types of questions, etc.

When I interviewed two years ago, I received an e-mail at the end of February giving MMI specifics about the timing, number of stations, and type of station (very broad). I never received any sample questions, though, so don't expect to see that. Practice like you would for any other MMI/panel interview. 

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