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I'm an aspiring physician (as to which specialty I'm not sure) and I am hoping to study neuroscience at UofT in the fall. I've been diagnosed with ADHD-PI last year and it was quite bittersweet. Finally everything I had trouble with made sense, but now with a diagnosis knowing my problems are real doesn't make them any less of a problem. I do not have too much of an issue with motivation because I have to work harder than anyone else to be successful in science, and I do not mind. I will be studying science as an undergrad, and I will be applying to medical schools. Any advice from those who are in the same boat as me for studying with ADHD in university? How have you made it work for you? I'm particularly worried about making study groups work. I have a really hard time studying with others because its too distracting. I guess the question here bottom line is how can I be a successful student when people thrive off study groups, class discussion, and lectures itself. I don't have the focus to do that 24/7 because its hard enough listening to people in conversation never mind studying or lectures. 

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Few days late, but I guess most people don't want to post, or aren't in the same boat, haha. I avoid groups like the plague. I also avoid anywhere with people moving... Ironically, I also avoid home where people aren't moving. This, ultimately, leaves the library. Find a corner of a library, get some headphones, and the more angled you are to a wall, the better. If a group is necessary, and I'm actually in a class right now where it's beneficial for us, we keep it to just us two, and we're both motivated by the same goals so it's easier to stay on track. As soon as the group gets too big or something starts taking you off track, that's it.

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Quite interesting that others are not a fan of study groups either. I have never been in a study group since high school; and my productivity level is thousand times higher now. I can do everything at my own pace, no irrelevant discussions, often study groups are only useful if you're already caught up on material and just want to review them with others.


I don't think ADHD will put you at a major disadvantage. Look at how you're progressing now, are you able to excel in your courses? Are you able to pull high marks? If yes, then, all you have to do besides that is build a strong volunteer record which I highly doubt would be relevant to ADHD.


As for lectures, if concentrating in class is hard for you; record them. Go home and listen to them over and over again until they stick. I firmly believe that almost anyone can excel as long as they give it all they got. Of course, it might be harder for some, but it doesn't make it impossible. Good luck

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