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I will be going to McGill to do Anatomy and Cellular Biology (Hons. BSc). This may sound like an idiotic question, but I am just trying to figure out whether or not I should buy an iPad Pro with the Pencil and Smart Keyboard OR get a MacBook Air.


For general science programs, which one is more useful or better?

Go with a laptop. You can do so much more with it after class. 

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It depends how you take notes. I bought a new laptop last year and ended up buying the iPad pro/pencil this term. I don't ever take notes with my laptop, but it does come in handy for a lot of other things (assignments or research are easy examples). But, I like to write, so I went with the iPad since I was burning an insane amount of money on ink and paper for printing all the notes. A friend of mine uses both the keyboard and the pencil, but even some things he will pull his laptop out for outside of the classroom, so, it depends.

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If you could only go with one I'd get the laptop. The iPad/pencil is nice for note taking, but you can do this with a computer and so much more. You might also need to use some software at some point that you can't obtain on the iPad. The Air is also really light and portable so it's not like you're losing out in that department.

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