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Question For Current Students - Research Opportunities

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Hey everyone,


I was wondering if a current student could please let me know a little bit about the various research opportunities that are available to students at University of Ottawa and in which departments? Any links or resources would be helpful.



Would be interested in knowing this from students as well!

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Hey guys!


In terms of research, a few opportunities with clinician-researchers pop up during the semester. Usually we are notified of these via e-mail by our class presidents.


Another cool thing they have is a summer research studentship: http://www.med.uottawa.ca/Research/eng/05-summer_research_work_programs_1-2_year_medical_students.html


I actually just finished applying to this one, it's a fantastic opportunity to get research experience in various fields, especially if the speciality you're considering is competitive and requires research experience. 


You are also free to contact physicians/researchers on your own to try to set up opportunities. A few of my friends have been doing this in order to work in research in their hometowns.


Hope this helps!



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