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Hi guys I apologize if this has been asked before but is there a GPA cut-off for MUN OOP applicants?I can't find it on MUN's website. 


From my understanding and research, MUN does not have an actual OOP cut-off for MCAT- is this also true for GPA?


My last question is I know MUN views applications holistically, but do applications only go through full review after meeting GPA/MCAT thresholds based on applicant pool competition or does everyone receive a full file review? ( I would assume its the former case but just want to make sure)


Thanks for any input!

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"We do not have a minimum cumulative GPA or MCAT scores (except for the Other Canadian Provinces/Non-Canadian competition)."


They do have an MCAT and GPA cutoff for the OOP pool but they don't publish it. If you look at interview invite threads from previous years, it tends to be fairly high.




The only OOPs that get full file reviews are those that get get an interview since file reviews are conducted after the interviews.

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