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*****reminder: No Advertising Of Services Is Allowed!

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Just going to reiterate this from the PM101 Forum Rules, since this has been popping up a lot lately:


12) Advertising Services

We do not allow people to post threads or to send private messages or emails to users here that advertise any products or services which require payment. Exceptions can be granted by the discretion of the moderators, please PM a moderator before you make such a posting. If you use PM101 for advertising without consent, we will permanently block your product's from the site and consider you trespassing on our network. Postings within the "classified ads" sub-forum are except from this rule if the service/product advertised is of direct relevance to the PM101 community. Moderators screen such posts and will delete those deemed non-relevant at their discretion.


If anyone attempts to solicit money and/or payment of any form from you in exchange for interview prep, whether it be in a post, topic, or private message, please let me or one of the other moderators know. I couldn't care less whether or not someone actually wastes their money on this stuff (though seriously, you should think twice before letting your fear empty your wallet), but any discussion of payment on the forums is strictly prohibited and we don't take kindly to it.


Similarly, the moderators have been inching toward this formal policy change for a while. I will reiterate Arztin's announcement below:


Therefore, as of now, these are new and strict rules that must be followed by MMI/med school prep companies with fiduciary motives.
1- Any prep company must ONLY post in the classified section. Posting in any other part of the premed101 forum is strictly prohibited. This includes posting links from your company webpage, regardless of the content.
2- Soliciting forum members to use your service without having them messaging you first is strictly prohibited. This includes private messaging, or posting on the forum.
Any non compliance by MMI prep companies, or accounts we suspect are from/affiliated to prep companies will result in a permanent ban with no previous warning.


Though discussion of prep services in general is fine, people affiliated with these services have been using increasingly misleading & manipulative tactics in subtle attempts to increase interest in their services, even employing the help of seemingly innocuous accounts and/or posts to praise the benefit of their offerings, without any of this being legitimate in the first place.


We don't want to rule this place with an iron fist, but we reserve the right and discretion to delete, ban, and remove anything we suspect is against forum rules.


Carry on! :)

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