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Guest yukine

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Guest yukine


I am an OOP applicant, planning to apply to Dal med 2 years from now. I am just curious to know if DAL requires a full course load in each and every year. When I apply, I will have done 4 years of undergrad. But only two of the 4 years I did a full course load ( I made up credits in the summer). Assuming I make GPA and MCAT cutoffs for OOP applicants, will they not even consider me if I didn't take a full course load? And if they do, do they still apply the best 3 out of 4 years in calculating gpa?

Any response is greatly appreciated! thanks.

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Guest arcticaguy

Hi Yukine,

I pulled this straight off the http://www.medicine.dal.ca webpage.


"Non-Maritime Applicants: A minimum academic average of A- (80% or higher) or a GPA of 3.70 based on a full class load of 5 full classes each year in the last two undergraduate years, or three out of four good years plus MCAT scores of 10 and above (but may contain a score of 9 in ONE of the numerical sections) with a minimum score of 30. "


From this it seems that as long as those two years that are a full class load are your final two years in undergrad then you're fine. Alternatively, they will look at 3 (of 4), years with a full class load each. From my own experiences as an OOP applicant to other schools, OOP prerequisites are enforced more strictly than their in-province counterparts.

If you still have 2 years to go, then I would suggest taking another year of undergrad to give them those three years they're looking for.

I would definately not hesitate to contact the admissions staff. They're very friendly. I hope this helped. Don't hesitate to ask any other questions you may have-we'll do our best :)

Best of luck!


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