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What's my chance?

Guest MisterTurkey

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Guest MisterTurkey

As an out-of-province applicant, what are my chances of actually getting into Dal next year? I heard that there's a very small number of seats allocated to non-maritimers, is this true? And if it is, does anyone know any stats on how crazy the competition is?


Last thing... I went to Dal for first year, but then had to move back home because money just wouldn't stretch, will this have any effect on my application?

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Guest MD2006

You're right, there are a limited number of spots at Dal for OOP applicants, i believe there are 8 seats for OOP out of 82 seats total.

The Academic requirements for OOP is as follows (straight from the Dal website):


Non-Maritime Applicants: A minimum academic average of A- (80% or higher) or a GPA of 3.70 based on a full class load of 5 full classes each year in the last two undergraduate years, or three out of four good years plus MCAT scores of 10 and above (but may contain a score of 9 in ONE of the numerical sections) with a minimum score of 30.


There are no pre-req's at Dal, but you must have an undergrad degree to apply.


As for the competitation....I'm not sure of the numbers. I believe there are around 700 total applicants/year, but I'm not sure how many are OOP. However, by reading various posts on the board, I haven't noticed many people who are OOP and applied to Dal. But as long as you have the minimum requirements I would go for it!! You mentioned that you already went to Dal so you know what a great city Halifax is to live in....


Here's another quote from their site regarding your last question:


Attendance at a university in the Maritime Provinces does not, by itself, necessarily constitute having residence in the Maritime Provinces.


Good Luck!

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Guest Kirsteen

Hi guys,


I e-mailed Dalhousie's MD Admissions regarding these questions a couple of weeks ago, and here are the responses:


a) They normally receive ~100 applications per year from non-Maritimers.

B) This past year ~50% were offered an interview for 8 spots.

c) Over the next couple of years their enrolment may increase, but this hasn't yet been confirmed.




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Guest UWOMED2005

Yeah, I did my undergrad at Dalhousie/King's college and looked into applying as an OOP. That year I believe they had about 80 OOP applicants for the 8 spots. I'm fairly certain, though, that if you have the 3.7 in each of your last two years and min MCAT (~30?) you should definitely apply. . . a number of my classmates in Dal biochem applied and I think I remember one of them mentioning that Dal doesn't look at GPA in the final decision (this could be incorrect): they look at your interview and extracurrics once you've been granted an interview based on the minimum gpa. MD2006 or NBsmurf would probably have a better idea on that.

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Guest arcticaguy

Actually, I asked Dr. Margaret Casey (the admissions officer 2 or 3 years ago) whether or not the GPA was considered in their final decision, after the initial interview offer. Her response was that initially, the GPA would be examined to make sure the student qualifies for an interview (as per the minimums mentioned in an above post). However, the final decision will also include an "overall" examination of GPA, MCAT, extracurrics and interview performance, "in no particular order and in combination".

So I guess, a weaker GPA (etc.) will not do much harm if the other areas of your application are more stellar :)

I hope this helps, though my info is a bit dated.

Good luck.



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