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Chances For Next Year?

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Hey guys, I was wondering if you can tell me the chances for next year :). My goal is UBC and I would love to go back home. I am currently studying in Ontario at McMaster.



MCAT: 127/125/132/130 - rewriting in May for CARS


CGPA: ~90%






- 2 research settings. Both are basic Science

- a poster presentation

- nothing published yet

- both will be over an year

- related to children - something i am really passionate about



- 1 trip abroad (but not medically related - infrastructure related)

- Hospital volunteering 6+ years

- Science Fairs for HS students

- cardiology clinic volunteering

- and some other minor places


Extra curricular:

- president of a health related club

- vice president of a club related to a children

- exec on two other clubs - related to children - A lot of my things are tailored to children, even my research 

- Upper year mentor for first years



- Uni scholarship (top 10% of faculty)

- External scholarships from organizations (~40K in total)

- High school academic awards

- Anatomy and Physiology award from a national competition 



- news paper delivery in HS

- Fast food chain for 6 years - a few promotions (only work during breaks)
- becoming a community advisor on Campus

- applying for a fellowship (not sure if I will get it)

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I just had a quick follow up, if I apply with my current MCAT scores, does it lower my chances by a lot?


It won't affect your chances of getting an interview. Post-interview, UBC does consider the MCAT, but no one knows how much. (Some people have heard from "reliable sources" that UBC doesn't give the MCAT that much consideration, but I would take this with a pillar of salt.) Rewriting the MCAT sucks, I know. I did it last August cause I was applying to a school this cycle that wouldn't accept the old MCAT any longer, and it was a real pain to do it but now I'm glad I did. You probably don't need it with your qualifications, though.

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