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Would a thesis course be mandatory for the MD/PhD Program? Ive got 5 summers of research experience with 1 pubs (third author) and a few abstracts. Ive also presented at a few national conferences. 



Not sure what you're really trying to ask here. If you want to have a MD/PhD, it is absolutely research based and you will have to complete a thesis and defend it at the end. There are no "course-based" MD/PhDs. The PhD component is often regulated by the department you are doing it in, not the MD program. 


Lastly, your experience is not PhD level. 

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I should clarify that I meant at the undergraduate level. In order to be considered for admission to the MD/PhD program, would doing an UNDERGRADUATE thesis course be necessary? 


I go to a very small school and only 5 thesis students are accepted per year so its very hard to enrol in one of these courses. The experiences I have listed are my research experiences during undergrad.



OH.. that is a totally different question. I don't think it is mandatory, but it usually helps you because not only do you show that you can tackle a year-long project and finish it, but you may potentially get a strong reference letter.

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As I said in a PM to you (I'm posting here for the benefit of anyone else who might be reading this), you DO NOT have to do a thesis in your undergraduate. I did not do my undergraduate in biology therefore I had no thesis to do. I had no undergraduate research experience whatsoever. You DO need to have a demonstrated record of high quality, first author research, however that may happen for you. Mine was in a thesis based Master's degree where I ended up with 4 papers and afterwards, a position as a national research coordinator for a Canada-wide research program.

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