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Is It Bad To Finish A Panel Interview Early?

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Some of the students told me at the info session that the time you leave the interview means nothing, one of the people I spoke with said her interview ended at 25 minutes and she got in. I'd say being concise is a good thing, but consider whether you're being comprehensive enough if you're finishing all of your questions in less than a minute. 

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Just looking for some honest input...is it a bad sign if you take 30 sec-1 min to answer a question and be the first person to come out of the interview?? I appreciate honesty please.


Its definitely about the quality of your response, with that being said I wouldn't be surprised if there was some correlation, but it doesn't mean you should do it obviously, its just that people who spend longer in there probably said more and more useful things, but if you can say all you need in a point form format then kudos to you. 

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A few of the people in the 2019 class interviewed for ~25 minutes last year, while other people (myself included) interviewed for like 50 minutes. Im sure if you were to get all the durations there would be some kind of normal-ish distribution of times. In other words the length is, and rightly should be, totally irrelevant to how well or how poorly you do. 

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