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Has anyone written the USMLE Step 1 after 4th year of medicine? (i.e. after all the electives/selectives have finished and before starting residency) I know a lot of people write the LMCC and USMLE Step 2 during this time because they are similar. Has anyone wrote the Step 1 during this time as well? How was your experience writing all these exams together?

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I did step 1 with LMCC1, then Step 2 a couple months after. Step 2 was more similar to LMCC1 but Step 1 was a good review for LMCC1 as well. Both Step 1 and 2 CK were great review. I definitely learnt a lot of stuff through the preparation for these exams that I didn't know before. I'd recommend doing it if you got the time and is potentially interested in working/doing fellowship in the States later.

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