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Regarding the activities score, isn't it essentially the same as last year? If last year it was 9/30 = 30% and this year it's 6/17 = 35%, just a 5% general increase. Not sure why they just changed the numbers/scale. I'm curious as to what the averages for the 2/3 year applicant pool is like as last year it was ridiculously high. 

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Yes last year was 9/30. Not sure what happened this year... I thought activities were /30. Perhaps someone can shed light on this.


I don't think the activity score is a score out of 30. This gets discussed every year, and I don't think anyone ever comes to a conclusion!

Scoring a 12 does not mean that you earn 12/30%... Rather it is a score that magically gets translated into a value out-of 30. Maybe a 12 this year earns you 30/30 on ECs, maybe not. As far as I know no one knows how it gets converted. Peoples EC scores are fairly clustered around the average score for that year though. 


Seeing that UofA is trying to make ECs a bigger factor, it would make no sense for them to just give these low scores. If this is the case, then a relatively small change in GPA for example would greatly outweigh the difference between the ECs of an average applicant and one who earns the top EC score. 

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Thank you for posting those!!


The U of A EC scoring will probably forever remain a mystery. Sigh. Not even worth thinking about lol. We cant do much expect put our faith in the admissions committee.


Some of those numbers are really scary. Wow the average MCAT is a 513.4 (~90th percentile)!! Can't imagine how someone (perhaps multiple people) got a 527 :o. People are destroying this new exam!! Though, the increase of the average probably has to do with how the right tail of the new MCAT score normal distribution is more spread out now compared to the old MCAT.

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I wonder what it would take to get full points on ECs. lol

You would probably have to be Mother Theresa on an Olympic athlete team. 


The EC scores also make me sad...they're not even the minimum scores, but the AVERAGE ones of people who interviewed, meaning there were people who interviewed falling below 5 or 6 out of 17. 


Surprised by the similar MCAT average across the 4th year and 2/3 year pool.

Yes that does seem strange...it seems 2/3 Y is only more competitive in terms of GPA.


That being said, this year's average interviewed MCAT score is approximately the 90th percentile for all IP residents, which is similar to last year's of ~32.5 for 4Y IP (also ~90th percentile).


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