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Hey guys! I've been digging around and haven't found much regarding study material for LMCC part 2.
For part 1 it was pretty simple: TO notes and qbank questions.
What do you guys suggest for part 2? The exam is in a month and unfortunately I'm on night float the entire month haha! Will have all the weekends free for studying though.
Are there any particular sources that are recommended? OSCE practice question sets? 

Thanks for the responses ;)

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I am using First Aid for Step 2 CS and actually just did CS last month in Philadelphia. It was a bit of palpitation-inducing experience at the beginning but I've realized the US exams are much much harder than Canadian ones and if you've studied the US ones and actually have the knowledge and skill of a PGY1 there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't pass the Canadian ones.

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