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Looking through the threads it seems like everyone post-interview either gets accepted or wait listed but I find it hard to believe that they don't reject anyone since there's so many interviewees. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

They do in fact reject people post interview. If you go back a couple years or so in the accepted/rejected thread there are a few people who got rejected. I would guess that there is a sampling bias as people who are rejected probably don't want to post on a forum where many people are being accepted.With that said, I don't believe they reject that many as they probably have a pretty large wait list considering movement in the past. That may be another factor in the really low rejection posts.

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Does anybody know the number of Queen's applicants who were waitlisted last year and how much movement there was?

Nobody really knows the answer to this but people have speculated it's something like 200 to 250 people. In regards to movement, there's some data on the afmc yearly document that shows that Queen's has given 197 or so offers in the past. So this would mean that about a 100 people got off the wait list. However, this doesn't account for people who remove themselves and therefore can't really know how deep into the wait list the school goes each year.

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